A little more about us

COOL6™ Ground breaking innovation from Australia

We had a vision

Starting in Perth, we've created a unique lighting system that will challenge the world's lighting industry. We set out to create a better value proposition in the lighting industry. We wanted to produce more cost effective, more efficient, and longer lasting lighting systems. Cool 6 Technologies was started to get this innovative lighting technology to market. We've achieved this goal and will continue to develop forward thinking lighting technology.

Australian Engineered

We believe that Australia should lead the world on innovation and technology. Thats why we employ locally.

Australian Owned

Cool6™ was started to help our fellow Australians. We are 100% Australian owned and run with a proud history of excellence

Australian Focused

While focusing on the challenges of our hash environment, our founders have engineered our lighting system here in Australia. 

We keep it simple.

Cool6™ Our products are crafted to give your the best lighting possible. No fancy gimmicks, no cheap shortcuts, just the right type of light and focused where you need it.

  • Simple to use

  • Easy to install

  • Long lasting

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