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General FAQs

What is special about Cool6™?

Cool6™ has redesigned the LED from the ground up. Starting from reliability we have designed our very own LED Chips and uniquely bonded them to our patented space age thermal management system, making it the fastest LED cooling system on the planet. Not only that, we provide high tech aftermarket lenses to allow our customers to design or modify the colour of the light output as the application may demand.

We all know that feeling of installing a brand new LED light only to realise a week later that the harsh blue tint is hurting your eyes and that it is not healthy for you or your children. The patented Cool6™ lens system allows you complete customisation on the spot with no unique tools required.
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How many lumens does a single module downlight produce?

The Cool6™ module produces 760 lumens +/- with only 6 watts of power. For comparison, a standard 50w halogen bulb produces only 400 lumens accompanied by wasted heat energy.
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What is different about the lenses?

The lenses use SuperShift™ Technology to change the light colour with the highest efficiency. SuperShift™ Technology is so advanced it is able convert invisible light forward into the visible spectrum to deliver the highest efficiency lenses we have ever made.
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I have never seen a light like this. Why does the heat sink look like that?

The Cool6™ module has been designed to work reliably in the harshest conditions. Cool6™ technology does not use the traditional passive heat sink approach. The slimline Cool6™ module has a distinctive look. We've developed and patented a Dynamic and active thermal management module in that is stable and active to deliver effective cooling even in high temperature environments.
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How much does the light weigh?

The Cool6™ LED & its active thermal management module combination weighs 86 grams. Light as a feather!
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Other questions?

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