Cool6™ technology

Australian designed SuperLEDs that outperforms its competitors

Our Goals

Super Efficient

Our Cool6™ lighting technology allows us to deliver super bright, yet power efficient LED lighting systems. This allows you to light rooms with a fraction of the power required by other lighting systems.

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Long Lasting

We've engineered Cool6™ lights to stand the test of time. We are so confident in our lights, that we can guarantee them for 7 years!

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Simple Installation

At Cool6™ we've developed a new system that allows for quick and easy installation of our lighting systems. This saves you time and money.

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Built for Savings

At Cool6™ we've redesigned the LED lighting sytems for ultimate performance.

  • Cool6™ Kills Bills

    We've designed our lights to be 8 times more efficient than regular Halogen downlights. That results in a massive savings on your power bills.

  • Vortex6™ Technology

    The super efficient cooling system in our lighting system allows Cool6™ to offer a longer life cycle,  higher CRI* (≥90), and high lumen output at a fraction of the power needed by other lighting fixtures.                                                   *Color Rendering Index.

Reliable to a fault

With the Cool6™ lighting system, you can say "good bye" to regular replacement of traditional bulbs.

  • Extended Warranty

    Cool6™ superior LED lighting technology provides unmatched reliability. We are so confident in our lights that we guarantee them for 7 years.

  • SuperShift™ Technology

    Most manufacturers overpower their LEDs resulting in unwanted higher levels of wasted heat energy.  There is no thought given to cooling them down. Cool6™ focused on this problem and produced a most reliable lighting system with a superior cooling technology resulting in an extended product life cycle.

Painless InstallATION

Advanced modular lighting system.

  • Modular Design

    Our Cool6™ light module is rectangular and results in superior thermal and power management efficiencies. We've designed a simple installation system with the convenience of a round globe.

  • Suit your style

    Each light fixture can be styled to fit the room. No longer do you need to source a different fixture. Cool6™ allows you change them on the go.

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